About me

Nice to meet you , I am Cibele 

My experience working 28 years at international companies helped to shape my result oriented personality. 

Since one year ago I have chosen a career transition toward a life as an independent consultant. I got certified as life coach through QSCA - Quantum Success Coaching Academy by Christy Whitman with emphasis on the Universal Law of Attraction, Psych-K facilitator on the method originated by Rob Williams a North American psychologist , EFT practitioner ( Emotion Freedom Technique) or also denominated Tapping. 

My proposal is to support the individual who desires to accelerate the changes in any area of its life reinforcing the intention and attention. 

Sessions are mainly virtual via skype, no need to leave the comfort of your own space. 

I am people oriented with genuine interest on the human being potential to embrace self development and growth. Life is a mission and a great opportunity, each one of us deserve to connect with our essence. 

When someone finds the essence, what likes to do most, its abilities and strengths, multiple opportunities of growth open.

Our destiny is to evolve, we are part of the Universe in constant expansion, energy and matter are inseparable ….earlier we understand and apply the physics in our life, better and better for us.